Hi, Yogi & Yogini,

Here are new positions for young yoga teachers.


Program Name  : Young Mission:

Spreading True Yoga,

Enhancing Culture exchange,

Feeling China.


Qualification       : Never been in China Before, College graduates, English speaking, two year’s

Experience (after graduation), Team work, willingness to learn new language

and age should be under 28 years

Salary                   : 7000RMB

Working hours   : 70 Classes per month, no more than 3 classes per day.

Job Description  : Teach basic asana and therapy yoga

Vacation               :15 days paid vacation

Location                : Guangdong province

Number                : 6 teachers

Visa                        : Work Visa(**)

Accommodation  :Apartment without food

Commitment       : One year.

Flights                   : USD 800 per year

Applying Fees      : No Charge from Teacher.


Please send CV to info@chinesenri.com


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