Inner Mongolia

Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia (Nei Mongo) Autonomous Region is situated in the north-most part of China. It shares a common border with the U.S.S.R. and the People’s Republic of Mongolia. The capital city is Hohhot. Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia was set up on the 1st of May, 1947.  This is the first autonomous region of minorities in China. It has an area of over 1.183 million square kilometers (about 1/8 of total China area) and a population of 24.71 million (2010), comprising of  MongolianHanDaur,EwenkiOroqenHuiManchuKorean and other nationalities. Mongolian shares 18% of total population in Inner Mongolia.


This region is severely cold in winter and warm in summer. Average annual temperature is in the range of -1°C to 10°C (30.2°F and 50°F). Month of January is the coldest. The average temperature range is in between -23°C (-9.4°F) in the north-eastern part of the region and -10°C (14°F) in the south-western part. It is most warm during the month of July. The average temperature range is from 19°C (66.2°F) in the north-eastern part to 24°C  (75.2°F) in the south-western part. The temperature of northern part is lower than the average temperatures of other parts of he region. Frost-free period is for 90 to 160 days. Average annual precipitation is between 50 mm to 450 mm during late summer and early autumn.

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