HohhotHohhot (meaning ‘blue city’ in Mongolian) is capital city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is the center of Mongolian culture. During late Ming period i.e. late 16th Century and Qing Period it  became a military and religious center. It is the political, cultural, and industrial center of Inner Mongolia. Located in the center of Inner Mongolia and south of Daqingshan River, it is 410 km (254 miles) west of Beijing.

This city was founded in 1581 by the Mongol Prince Altan Khan. It became a center for military during the rule of Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi after taking control of the Mongols. In 1952 it became capital of Inner Mongolia.

Summer festival of Mongols called, “Naddam” is of special interest for the tourists, it is usually held around mid of August. This festival features traditional Mongolian sports such as wrestling, horse racing, camel racing, and archery. Most of the events are based on nomadic military skills.


The Climate of Hohhot is continental with four distinct seasons and significant temperature difference between day and night. The average annual temperature is 6C (42.8F).  During winter it is cold with average temperature of -10C (14F).  Leather coats and boots are very essential during this period.

The best time to visit Hohhot is from April to October. The best time to go to the grassland is from mid of July to early September during which the temperature is between 15C (59F) to 25C (77F) and the famous Nadam Fair is also held during this period.


Foreign Banks

Standard Chartered Bank




Hohhot No.1 Hospital

64 Zhongshan Xilu, Huimin District, Hohhot

Inner Mongolia Hospital

20 Zhaowuda Lu, Hohhot

The First Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical College

1, Tongdao Beijie, Huimin District, Hohhot

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical College

Yingfang Dao, Wenhua Jie, Hohhot


Main Industries

Wool and leather products

Building materials

Iron and steel production

Fertilizer plants.


Important Phone Numbers

Fire                                        119
Traffic                                   122
Ambulance                          120
Police                                    110

Airport Inquiry                   4941122
Railway Station Inquiry   2243222

Places to Visit

Dazhao Temple

Gegentala Grassland

Xilamuren Grassland

Zhaojun Tomb

Five Pagoda Temple

Ten Thousand Huayan Scriptures Pagoda

Xilituzhao Palace


Da Zhao Temple

Five Pagoda Temple

How to reach


Hohhot Baita International Airport


Hohhot Railway Station


Hohhot Bus Station



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