Poetry is literature form of an art in which words are expressed in rhythmic form and arranged aesthetically to express feelings. Many of us have some or the other point in life sing a song or recite a poem of our own. We do this when we are alone or with very close people. Few of us take efforts to write them down as collection. Rarely someone who is not professional in this, share their collection. One such person who dared to share his feelings publicly is Dr. Rupesh Sharma. He is pursuing his career in medicines in China and has a hobby of writing poems. Through this platform he has shared some of his collections.

आंसूओं से झिलमिलाती आँखों में

आज किसी ने पूछ ली हमसे हमारी जाति

आज के आरक्षण के दौर में

कब तक नयन भिगोएँगे ये पल भीगे भीगे से

कभी किसी पल मेरी भी आवाज़ सुनो माँ

कितने टुकड़ों में बाँटोगे भारत माँ के सीने को

पता नहीं वोह लोग

आज मैंने उन सीढ़ियों को चढ़ा है

फिर आई है सावन के झोकों में भीगती बेटी

भोर फिर पसरी है आकर


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