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China CustomsChina customs laws keep on changing from time to time. To do any business efficiently, one has to be aware about the Laws of the land. No website can be as accurate as the Government owned and department related. Rules in China are followed and implemented strictly. To follow the rules, on has to be aware about them. We are trying to create awareness about the rules of the department in China by linking their website here. This keeps on updating frequently.

We request you to update us with any other relevant source of available information.

中国海关法律在不断改变。要有效地做任何生意,必须意识到国法。任何网站都不能像政府或政府相关部门那样精准。中国的法规应遵守并严格执行。必须要注意遵守法规,。 我们通过以下的网站链接来努力创建人们对中国海关部门的法规意识。



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