Recent years have witnessed surge in Chinese expats in India. Chinese immigrants are not new in India. Around 18000 to 20000 Chinese have settled in India in recent years. The figure was around 5000 to 7000 in the year 2015. They have noticeable presence in city of Kolkatta and Mumbai. There are places named “Chinatown” in Mumbai and Kolkatta. They can be classified in two parts, one is Chinese who immigrated to India and others as Chinese, born in India.


Immigrants from China started coming centuries ago and increased in 18th century with during development of ports at Kolkatta and Chennai. Chinese community has a noticeable presence in city of Kolkatta and they have noticeable Social and economic contribution. They are well known in trade of leather products and restaurants.


There are records in history about visit of Chinese Buddhist Monk Faxian during 5th century to the town of Tamluk in West Bengal which was then known as Tampralipta. Another town of Achipur, West Bengal is name after Chinese immigrant Tong Achew. He started sugarcane plantation and sugar factory in 18th century. He was given land by East India Company, owned by Britishers. He brought more Chinese immigrants with him to help. His grave and a Chinese temple can still be visited at Achipur.

有历史记载,在公元5世纪,来自中国的佛教僧人法显大师访问了西孟加拉邦Tamluk镇,当时该镇称为Tampralipta。西孟加拉邦阿奇普尔(Achipur)的另一个镇则以中国移民Tong Achew的名字命名。他于18世纪在此开始种植甘蔗并兴办糖厂。他的土地由当时英国人所有的东印度公司(East India Company)给与 。随后他带来更多的华人移民来帮助他。现在在阿奇普尔(Achipur)依然可以参观他的坟墓和一座华人庙宇。

Recent immigrants from China prefer to adapt Bangalore and Powai in Mumbai as their home in India. Eminent people in India who have roots with China :


Jwala Gutta, Badminton player, her mother is Chinese.


Lawrence Liang, lawyer, Chinese family settled in India since long.


Meiyang Chang, Actor and Singer, third generation Chinese settled in India.

Meiyang Chang,演员和歌手,移居印度的第三代中国人

Nelson Wang, Restaurant owner, third generation Chinese settled in India.

Nelson Wang,餐厅老总,移居印度的第三代中国人

Sahil Khan, Actor, his mother is Chinese.

Sahil Khan,演员,他的母亲是中国人。

Similarities in Culture and friendly nature makes life easy for expats from both the countries in India and China.



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