Warehousing in ChinaWarehousing facility on temporary basis is needed by many importers dealing with China and Hong Kong.

ChineseNRI.com(CNRI) intends to share warehousing network across China and Hong Kong for and by users of this platform. Basic intention of this feature is to :

a) To utilize idle space of warehouse owners.

b) To accommodate needs of temporary storage for the people in need.

There is some idle Space available in most of the warehouses.  At the same time not everyone can possess storage space in every city of operation. This platform intends to fill the gap of demand and supply of storage space. Charges for storage space is fixed by CNRI and is uniform all over China with a small difference for Hong Kong.

Storage space of only verified users is leased to the parties in need. Procedure of acceptance and dispatch of gods through warehouses is uniform and strictly as per the Law of the land. Charges are on the basis of number of days and area of space used.

Currently we have warehouses at these locations.



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