This platform had planned to launch Asian food stores all across China. Food will be legally imported and sold all across China at very reasonable price. Vendors have been identified and finalised. Final process of imports in in process and imports will start soon.


Purpose of this activity is to arrange good quality food at reasonable prices available in China, legally. Crowdfunding opportunity is available to participate in this activity. Current requirement of funds for this activity is RMB 1.5 Million.


This being a community platform, high profit margin will destroy the cause of the activity. Reasonable gross return of 8 to 10% is intended. Monthly financial reports will be made available to the members participating in this activity and profit will be distributed every 10th day of the month. Monthly reports and profits will start from the month of July 2018. Share of profits will be on pro rata basis of the participation amount. Minimum participation amount is RMB 5000. Participation amount can be withdrawn anytime by giving notice of 30 days for withdrawal.

这是一个社区平台,过高的利润率将破坏本活动的目标。本活动合理的总收益为8~10%,并向参与此活动的成员提供每月财务报表,利润将在每月的第10天分发。 月度报告和利润将从2018年7月份开始。利润分成比例按参股金额分摊。最低参股金额为5000元人民币,参股金额可以随时撤回,但须提前30天通知。

Interested people can write a mail to or contact admin id on Wechat nri-in-china.  You can also join our group for crowdfunding by scanning this QRcode.




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