Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the longest festival and economical lay off  period in the world.


Traffic during Chinese New Year


Most of the people believe that celebration of Chinese New Year began from the time of Shang Dynasty (1600 BC – 1046 BC). Some people believe that it started during Emperor Yao and Shun (~2100 BC). Chinese people follow lunar calendar to celebrate festivals. In the beginning dates of celebration varied from mid-winter to early spring. As the Solar based calendar started to mature, Emperor Wu (156 BC – 87 AD) of the Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220AD), declared the first day of the first month as the beginning of the year.

大部分人认为, 庆祝农历新年始于殷商时期 (公元前1600 年–公元前1046年)。有些人认为, 它始于帝尧和舜 (约公元前2100年)。中国人按照阴历庆祝节日。起初,庆祝的日期从隆冬到早春不等。随着太阳历开始成熟,汉朝(公元前202年-公元220年)汉武帝(公元前156年-公元前87年)宣布第一个月的第一天为一年的开始。

Evolution of Chinese New Year :


  • Emperor Yao and Emperor Shun (~ 2100 BC)
    New Year celebration with small scale type of activities.

尧帝与舜帝 (约公元前 2100年)


  • Shang Dynasty (1600 BC – 1046 BC)
    New Year celebration started with religious ceremony.

商代 (公元前1600年-公元前1046年)


  • Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220AD)
    New Year celebration started at the first day of the first month and crack bamboo started to be used. (Cracked bamboo creates loud sound of cracking when put on fire. It is a belief that the sound drives away evil.)

汉代 (公元前202 年-公元220年)

第一个月的第一天开始庆祝新年, 裂竹也在那时开始使用。(开裂的竹子在着火时会发出响亮的爆裂声。这是一种


  • Wei Dynasty (220AD – 265AD) and Jin Dynasty (265AD – 420AD)
    Fireworks started to be used for New Year celebration. The tradition of Shou Sui started.

魏朝 (公元220年–公元265年) 和晋朝(公元265年–公元420年)


  • Song Dynasty (960AD – 1279AD)
    Fireworks made of gun powder started to be used.

宋朝 (公元960年-公元1279年)


According to mythology, Chinese New Year begins with the fight against a mythical beast called the “Year”. It looks like an ox with a lion head and lives in the sea. During the New Year’s Eve, it is believed that the “Year” will come out and harm people, animals, and properties. It is believed that the “Year” is scared of the color red, fire, and loud sound. For self-protection, people started posting red Dui Lian in front of their house, use fireworks, and hang lit up lanterns at year end.

根据神话, 中国新年的开始是与一只名叫 “年” 的神秘野兽的战斗。它看起来像一只狮子头, 生活在海里。在除夕夜, 人们相信 “年” 会出来伤害人和动物及侵害财产。据信, “年” 害怕大红色、 火和响亮的声音。为了自卫, 人们开始在他们的房子前张贴红色的对联, 使用烟花, 并在年底挂亮灯笼。

Chinese New year and Diwali (Indian New Year) has many similarities. Both are symbol of victory of good over evil. Both are celebrated in similar way.

中国新年和排灯节 (印度新年) 有许多相似之处。这两种都象征着战胜了邪恶获得胜利。两个都以类似的方式庆祝。


This year Chinese New year is on 16Th February.

今年农历新年是在 16Th 2月。

Every year is assigned to a particular animal。 2017 was the year for chicken and 2018 will be the year for the dog.



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