Marriage of two cultures

By chance, Indian boy Singh and Shanxi girl Chen Jing met each other at the exhibition. Chen Jing was attracted by Singh’s singing, while Singh fell in love with the beauty of the girl.


Unfortunately, Chen Jing’s parents strongly opposed their marriage. Chinese traditional concept is against girl’s getting married to foreigners. The parents look to take care of their daughter all the time. They were depressed at that time and choose to elope.


During those 3 years, Chen Jing didn’t contact her parents. Her parents were unhappy. Chen Jing realized parents’ deep love. She realized her behavior was too selfish and irresponsible. Both of them decided to go back to the village to arrange the wedding ceremony again. Singh decided to give his girl a nice wedding ceremony and make his in-laws at ease. He promised that he will take care of their loved girl. To express sincerity, Singh’s mother came to China from India with betrothal gifts and meet Chen Jing’s parents.


Singh began to arrange the wedding ceremony in the village. Some villagers thought Singh is a foreigner and they two had eloped before, but Singh used his sincerity to convince everybody in the village, at last every villager help him to arrange the wedding ceremony.


There are many consuetudes in Chinese traditional wedding ceremony. Singh had to learn it one by one, which was very difficult for him. In order to give Chen Jing an impressive wedding ceremony. Singh tried his best to learn how to express oath in Shanxi dialect, how to ride a horse, tried his best to overcome all kinds of difficulties, which impressed everyone deeply.


Chen Jing parent’s attitude to Singh had transformed dramatically, from hatred at the beginning to trust nowadays. The Indian boy and Shanxi girl are leading a happy life with each other. This is a love story between China and India. Hope everyone can find your true love and happiness!


Full story from CCTV



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