Inspiring Stories   励志故事

Inspiring StoriesInspiring Stories of real human being are the one which inspires us in our life.  They are the people who keep us motivated and guide us through thick and thins. These people achieved things against all odds and went on to become role models for many.

Not all the people could take their stories to the world platform. Through this page we are trying to list stories of well known figure as well as people who fought through all odds but could never make space in news.

We invite articles on such unsung inspiring personalities across the globe. Please mail us your article on, do not forget to add relevant pictures for the person for whom article is written.


张欣 Zhang Xin

Amitabh Bachhan

现实生活中的人们都有鼓舞人心的故事,在我们的生活中激励着我们。 他们是多多少少地引导着我们的人。这些人克服了一切困难,成为许多人的榜样。



张欣 Zhang Xin

Amitabh Bachhan



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