India is a country of temples. It is seventh largest country in terms of geographical area and second most populous country in the world. There are several religions followed in India, Hinduism being the most (more than 75%). India has around 6,40,000 Villages, around 8000 towns and around 4000 cities.

印度是一个拥有众多寺庙的国度。 从地理面积来看,印度是世界第七大国家,就人口来看,印度位居世界第二。在印度,人们信封多种宗教信仰,而印度教是信封人数最多的(超过75%)。 印度约有6,40,000个村庄, 8000多个城镇和4000多个城市。

There is an old saying in India, “Don’t live in a place where there is no temple.”


If we go by this saying to guess number of temples in India, one temple in each village, town and city would mean more than 6,50,000 temples.


Another calculation says there is one temple between 1000 people, if we calculate on the basis of this, current population is 1.329 Billion which means, more than 1 Million temples.



In spite of there being so many Hindu temples in India, the largest Hindu temple (not only temple but any religious site) is Agkot Wat temple complex in Cambodia. It spreads around 202 hectare of land. It was built in the 12th century by Khmer king Suryavarman II. Height of centre tower of the temple is 65 metres. This temple faces the west which is rare among the Hindu temples.

尽管印度有许多印度教寺庙,但世界上最大的印度教寺庙(不仅是寺庙,而且是任何宗活动的教场所)是在柬埔寨的Agkot Wat寺庙建筑群。其占地面积大约为202公顷。 它由高棉国王苏里亚尔曼二世建于12世纪。寺庙中心塔高65米。 这座寺庙朝西,是印度教寺庙中较为罕见的。

This temple was originally dedicated to Lord Vishnu and later on went on to become a Buddhist complex. There is a 3.2 meter high statue of Lord Vishnu and inner walls are decorated with epics from Ramayana and Mahabharata.


There are three main galleries and each one has a lotus bud shaped tower.



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