Frequently we see the need of crowd funding for various purposes in the community. Needs are of many types. Maybe medication, education, etc. Needy person is seen approaching community groups for help and faces several questions, some of which are genuine and most of them are hurting and painful. The person in need is as it is in pain and trauma. Harsh questions (which maybe correct sometimes) adds to his or her pains and agony.  Person approaches for help from others when he or she does not have any other option.

Another point here is that not all the people are in situation of helping out and feel depressed when they see that the list of people who helped does not have their name or the amount they shared is much less than the others.
We have a decent way out for this. We have been advertising against discounts and other offers from the business owners. We have never taken money for any sort of promotion or activities done by us. We have visitors to our site from across the world to get information about China.For charitable cause, we are starting page sponsorship. We have more than 80 Cities on our website for information purposes along with other information such as customs, commodity prices, List of embassies, Radio, etc.We have on an average more than 3000 visitors to our website every day. We also promote individuals or businesses in various manner. Page sponsor will get a banner ad placed on top of the page thus, giving them the opportunity of highest visibility.
Our site is ranked within top 100 links for many keywords on search engines including google and Baidu.Revenue generated from this will be used for the needy people. People approaching for help will have to share their need transparently, which will be verified by a local community person, followed by the help.


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