WuhanWuhan, the capital of Hubei province in central China holds a sub-provincial status and is the most populous city of the region, resulting from a conglomeration of three cities, Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang. A major transportation hub, it features a network of roads, railways and expressways that connect the city both internally and with other major cities, playing a key role in domestic transportation. It has earned the city its nickname of Chicago of China. It is the political, economic, financial, cultural, educational and transportation center of central China.


Humid subtropical climate with abundant rainfall and four distinct seasons: Oppressively humid summers,mild Springs and autumns and cool winters with occasional snowfall. Average temperature ranges from 4.0 °C (January) to 29.1 °C (July), with precipitation occurring between May and July.


Foreign Banks

• Mizuho Corporate Bank
• HSBC Bank
• BEA China
• Standard Chartered Bank
• Hang Seng Bank
• Citibank


• General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Area in Wuhan Health Center
• Hubei Women & Children Hospital
• TCM hospital of Hubei Province-VIP Department
• Wuhan Tongji Medical University Hospital
• Wuhan Ya Lan Hospital / Optic Valley Medical Center
• Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University,VIP Department

Main Industries


• Automotive
• Steel and iron
• Machineries
• Building material processing
High-tech industries
• Opto-electronic technology
• Pharmaceuticals
• Bio-engineering
• New-material industry
• Environmental protection
• Food processing & beverages

Emergency Numbers
• Police: 110
• Fire: 119
• Telephone Numbers: 114
• Weather: 121
• Municipal First-Aid Center: 120
Tourist Complain
• Hotline: 82855773 / 82832389
• Hubei Provincial Tourism Supervising Administration: 84818760 / 84822513
• No. 12 People’s Hospital: 84942611
• No.1 People’s Hospital: 87953071
• Huangpo People’s Hospital: 85931736
• Railway Inquiry: 2585
• Flight Inquiry: 2580
Post & Telecommunication
• EMS: 185
Banks & Credit Card
• Bank of China: 85955219

Places to visit

• Yellow Crane Tower
• Hubei Art Museum
• Wuhan Art Museum
• Wuhan Sex Museum
• Wuhan Zoo
• Wuhan Botanical Garden
• Mao Zedong’s Summer Villa
• East Lake


• Guiyuan Buddhist Temple
• Baotong Temple
• Changchun Taoist Temple

How to reach

By Air
• Tianhe International Airport
By train
• Wuhan Railway Station
• Wuchang railway station
• Hankou Railway Station
By bus
• Jinjiadun Passenger Station
• Fujiapo Passenger Station
• Long Distance Bus Station
• Hongji Passenger Station
By Port:
• Wuhan Passenger Port

Indian Restaurant

• Indian Marka
• Kebab Kingdom
• Tai Tai KaLi
• Bengals Tiger
• Thalha
• Cafe Bistró




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