Jining is in south of the Shandong Province. It is the 48th most competitive city in China, as certified by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,in 2016. An industrial town, it has an abundance of coal, electrical power and fresh water resources. It is home to the Cemetery of Confucius and the Kong Family Mansion of Qufu. Both of these are  UNESCO World Heritage. This city also stands as the northernmost city of China and qualifies as an important inland port.


The climate in here is warm and temperate. Winters are clear and chilly with occasional rainfall. Summers are hot and rainier than the winters. The annual average temperature ranges from 13.3C to 14.1C or 55.9F to 57.4F

Foreign Banks


•Shandong Jining Vasculitis Hospital
China, Shandong, Jining Shi, Zhong Qu, 27 Pipashan Rd
Phone: +86 537 231 2794

•Affiliated Hospital of Jining Medical College
89 Guhuai Rd, Jining Shi, Shandong Sheng, China, 272000
Phone: +86 537 290 3399

•Jining First People’s Hospital
6 Jiankang Rd, Shi Zhong Qu, Jining Shi, Shandong Sheng, China
Phone: +86 537 225 3431

•Jining Stomatology Hospital
64 Gongqingtuan Rd, Shi Zhong Qu, Jining Shi, Shandong Sheng, China
Phone: +86 537 265 8325

•Jining Hospital for Provention and Treatment of Skin Diseases
Guanghe Rd, Shi Zhong Qu, Jining Shi, Shandong Sheng, China
Phone: +86 537 227 9268

Main Industries

• Coal
• Chemicals
• Equipment manufacturing
• Energy
• Textile
• Garments
• Electronics
• Food processing

Important Phone Numbers

• Police/Fire/Traffic Police: 110
• Fire:119
• Traffic Accidents:122
• Ambulance: 120
• Forest Fire: 95119
• Maritime Search and Rescue :12395
• Phone Number Search: 114
• Directory Assistance:160
• Emergency Report: 112
• Time Information:117
• Weather Forecast :121

Places to Visit

• Jining Railway Guerrilla Monuments •Kong Family Mansion
• Temple and Cemetery of Confucius
• Mount Ni
• Confucius Six Arts City
• Mount Liang
• Qufu Ming Ancient City
• Yanzhou Xinglong Culture Park
• Weishanhu Wetland Park
• Kongzi Culture Park
• Shaohao Tomb
• Shimen Mountain Forest Park
• Yanzhou Museum
• Grave of King Lu of Ming Dynasty
• Yishan Scenic Areas
• Weishanhu Wetland Park
• Lantau Peak
• Goodbaby Amusement Park
• Happy Valley Children’s Paradise


• Jining Dongda Temple
• Chongjue Temple
• Tieta Temple
• Baoxiang Temple
• Mencius Temple


By Air:
• Jining Qufu Airport

By Train:
• Jining Railway Station

By Road:
• Jining North Bus Station
•  Urban Social Passenger Coach Outgoing Station
• West Bus Station
• Jining Bus Station

By Water:
• Yuejin Port
• Guozhuang Port
• Longgong Port
• Taiping Port



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