CixiCixi is a mid scale modern city with a rich culture and a long history. Located on the south of the economic circle of Yangtze River Delta, it is the most promising area for future development and forms the anchor of the Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo Economic Golden Triangle. There are a total of fifteen towns and five sub districts are under the jurisdiction of Cixi City and there are 325 administrative villages including committees and communities.



It has a subtropical monsoon climate, with an average annual temperature of 16℃.


• The No.2 People’s Hospital

•  No.3 People’s Hospital

• People’s Hospital, Emergency Department

• People’s Hospital

• Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

• Cilin Hospital

• Zonghan Hospital

•  Dermatology Hospital Medical Cosmetology Center

• Skin Disease Hospital

•  Skin Disease Hospital

•  Women and Children Hospital

•  Red Cross Hospital Jinshan Gate Clinics

•  Orthopaedic Hospital

• Ximen Branch,  Maternity and Infant Health Hospital

•  Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital Jinshan Out-patient Department

• Kandun Hospital

•  Women and Children Hospital

•  Red Cross Hospital Jizhen

• Women and Children Hospital Fangbian Clinic

• Red Cross Hospital Prevent Health Care Station

Main Industries

• Hardware & machinery
• Electronic & electrical equipment
• Plastics & chemical fiber
• Textile & garments
• Chemicals & metallurgy
• Construction materials

Emergency numbers
• Police (Calling): 110
• Police (Text message): 12110
• First-aid Ambulance: 120
• Fire: 119
• Traffic Accidents:122
• SOS in Water:12395

Questions & Complaints
• Complaints about Goods’ Qualities:12315
• Complaints about Prices:12358
• Post Code Information:184
• Weather Forecast:12121
• Phone Directory:114
• Comprehensive Information:12580/ 118114
• Railway Information:12306
• Civil Aviation:950137

Places to Visit

• Cixi Zhishan Park


• Butterfly Temple

How to reach

By Air:
• Ningbo Lishe International Airport
• Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport
• Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
• Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

By Water:
• The port of Shanghai
• The port of Ningbo

By Road:
• East Station or the South Station

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