TaizhouTaizhou is a prefecture-level city on the eastern coast of China’s Zhejiang province, facing the East China Sea.


It has a humid subtropical climate with four distinctive seasons. Occasionally struck by typhoons in the summers, the climate is characterized by hot, humid summers and drier and cold winters with occasional snow. Summer there is quite hot especially in July; winter is long but not too cold. Early May, late June and early September are its rainy seasons. Best time to pay a visit is from April to October.


•  Stomatological Hospital
158 Renmin E Rd, Hailing Qu, Taizhou Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China, 225300
Phone: +86 523 8631 3888

• People’s Hospital West Gate Zhen
China, Jiangsu Sheng, Taizhou Shi, Hailing Qu: 225300
Phone: +86 523 8657 1111

•  Gaogang Traditional Chinese Medicine Houke Hospital
Zhenxing S Rd, Gaogang Qu, Taizhou Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China
Phone: +86 523 8693 5237

•  Jiulong People’s Hospital
Wenwei Rd, Hailing Qu, Taizhou Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China
Phone: +86 523 8626 6849

•  No.4 People’s Hospital Beijiao Branch
Address: Hailing, Taizhou, Jiangsu, China
Phone: +86 523 8628 7407

•  Taishan Hospital Yangzhou Road Out-patient Department
164 Yangzhou Rd, Hailing Qu, Taizhou Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China, 225300
Phone: +86 523 8656 9499

•  Luqiao Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
101 Dongluqiao Avenue, Luqiao, Taizhou
Phone: +86 576 8259 5022

Main Industries

• Transportation equipment manufacturing
• Machinery
• Plastic and moulds
• Metallurgy
• Electric power supply and production
• Tourism
• Automobile and motorcycle accessories
• Household appliances
• Garment machinery
• Pumps and valves
• Art and craft articles
• Pharmaceuticals and chemical products,
• Shoes, caps and garments
• Seafood, fruits and foodstuff

Important Numbers

• Fire: 119

• Police: 110

• First-aid Centre:120

• Weather Forecast: 121

• Phone Number Enquiry: 114

• Water Supply: 88637722

• Power Supply: 95598

Places to Visit

• Shitang Fishing Village
• Dalu Island
• Dachen Island
• Shepan Island
• Sea World
• Wu Zixiong Glass Art Exhibition Hall
• Yuhuan Agricultural Sightseeing Garden
• Shaddock Orchard


• Guoqing Temple
• Jiaojiang Hongjia Residential District Bao’en Temple
• Jiaojiang Shuri Kannondo Temple
•  Luqiao Jinqingzhen Ping’an Temple
•  Luqiao Luqiao Residential District Hedong Sanqing Palace
• Xinqiaozhen Wuzhoutang
• Tiantai Mountain Ci’en Temple

How to reach

By Air:
• Taizhou Huangyan Airport

By Train:
• Taizhou Railway Station

By Water
• Port of Taizhou

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