Qingming Festival is one of the eight important festivals in China and is considered as the day of sacrifice. Grave Sweeping known as Shangfen in Chinese, is in remembrance of the ancestors. This festival is similar to Pitra Paksha or Shraddh in India, which also lasts for a period of 15 days.

清明节是中国八大传统节日之一,也是最重要的祭祀节日。扫墓俗称“上坟”,是祭祀祖先的一种活动。这个节日类似于印度的Pitra Paksha节或Shraddh节,这种节日持续时间为15天。
As per the custom, people sweep the grave of their ancestors. They offer wine, food, fruits and paper money at the graveyard. Food is offered to the ancestors in front of the tomb, then burn the paper money for them. The belief is that these things will reach to them and their soul will be at peace. Tomb is covered by fresh soil, few green twigs are kept on the tomb and kowtow is worshipped. Finally, eat near the grave and go home.

按照习俗,人们会打扫祖先的坟墓。他们会在坟墓上供奉上酒、食物,水果和纸币。 人们先是在坟墓前向祖先提供食物,然后会为他们烧纸钱。这种信念将会传递给他们,祖先的在天之灵将会感到宁静。墓地上将会被覆盖以新鲜的土壤,并留以少许绿色枝叶,人们纷纷跪拜磕头。最后,人们会在坟墓附近吃饭,然后回家。

Qingming Festival is also called as Taqing Festival. According to the solar calendar, this festival is between April 4th and 6th. Spring is a good time to travel, since the ancient times there is a custom of getting pure sunrays by carrying out a series of sports activities. This is followed till date by worshipping the ancestor and remembering the relatives on this day.



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Qingming Festival is one of the traditional festivals in China. It’s also one of the the 24 solar terms. It is said that after Dayu’s flood control, people use the words of Qingming to celebrate end of the flood and for peace in the world. During this time, the spring is warm, everything is recovering and sky is clear. It is a good time to travel. Tradition of travelling started during Tang Dynasty. It has become a custom since then. In addition of visiting scenic places, people also participate in all kinds of entertainment activities to make life more colorful.


Qingming Festival began in Zhou dynasty, about 2500 years ago. Qingming Festival is also beginning of planting of new crop.



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