Current trade war between USA and China may be an invitation to recession in USA. In a bid to stay in news and remain famous, President Trump took a decision which might lead to disaster for large companies in USA. They have a well set supply chain management from China. Policies of these companies are meant for long term and difficult for them to adjust overnight.
Only in recent months global economy was set to improve and this trade war may bring a situation of wait and watch for businesses. Tariff increase on imports from China by USA will cause more harm to USA than to China. China has improved self-consumption ability as compared to self-supply capacity of USA.
仅在最近几个月,全球经济才有所好转。而这场贸易战可能会为企业带来新的等待和观望 。美国从中国进口的关税增加将对美国造成的损害比对中国更大。与美国的自给能力相比,中国的自我消费能力已经有所改善。

Increase in tariff from China on goods imported from USA will cause major harm to economy of USA as China has multi suppliers for these goods. Overall situation may turn out to be in favour of China and cause of USA may be lost completely.
Populist decision and starve to remain in the news invites trouble not only to an individual but also to the nation when that individual is a leader of the nation. It is high time that President Trump starts realising ill effects of his decisions to his nation and rest of the world. Since his appointment as head of USA, he has been a threat to world peace in terms of frequent conflicts with other countries and in current situation he is also a threat to world business.


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