Yuan Devaluation

和其他亚洲国家一样, 人民币兑美元汇率最近一直在走强。美国政府控制其贸易逆差的激进政策导致美元兑世界主要货币贬值。中国也在寻求出口增长。人民币兑美元的强势正阻碍了其出口增长。
Like other Asian countries yuan has been going strong against USD recently. US Government’s aggressive policies to control it’s trade deficit has led to weakening of Dollar against major currencies in the world. China is also looking for growth in exports. Strong Yuan against Dollar is hampering it’s growth in exports.
人民币是一个受控制的货币, 历史上曾有过突然贬值以获得出口管制的历史。最近的是在2015年8月。人民币升值可能也会导致投机性资金流入, 这将严重损害出口。

Yuan is a controlled currency and there has been a history of sudden devaluation to gain export controls. The most recent being in August 2015. Strengthening of Yuan may also see speculative inflow of funds which would hurt exports badly.
2016年人民币贬值导致中美贸易逆差扩大。尽管出口增长, 2017年中国的贸易顺差仍低于2016年。保持中国出口贸易增长的提高至关重要。
Devaluation of Yuan in 2016 resulted in widening of trade deficit between China and USA. China’s trade surplus in 2017 has been lower than in 2016 in spite of growth in exports. To maintain trade growth it is essential for China to improve exports.
Weakening of Dollar is not a good indicator. Among it’s several policy option one is devaluation of Yuan to gain exports.


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