Guilin is a city in North Guangxi, China. It is a scenic town and one of the best-known tourist destinations in China. There are many beautiful places around this city which, include Longsheng famous for Longji rice terraces, the Li River- its picture is on the back of ¥20 currency notes, Yangshuo, a small county downstream and much more.

Two rivers, four lakes, and sheer-sided karst mountains surround the center of the city.  Tourism is the primary industry. It is much cleaner than in other Chinese cities.

It has many western-style hotels and is comparatively free of air pollution. This city is favorite amongst local Chinese tourists too. Its proximity to many scenic limestone mountains and formations makes it a unique place to visit.

This place separates from the center of China and the Yangtze River basin by the Nan Mountains. Guangxi has always been distinct from the rest of China. 

The city had a population of over two million at the time of the Second World War, which got reduced during the war. The community slowly developed during the post-war period due to the setting up of factories for the manufacturing of paper, chemicals, and agricultural equipment. However, change in market trends has forced many of these industries to move from here.

Guangxi and Guilin are home to 12 different ethnic minorities besides the Han Chinese. Guangxi is an autonomous region for the Zhuang ethnic group, rather than a province.

Guilin is the third-largest city in Guangxi, after Nanning and Liuzhou.


Main Industries

Until 1949 only a thermal power plant, a cement plant, and few small textile mills were present. From the 1950s, it has electronics, engineering, agricultural equipment, medicine, rubber, bus, textile, and cotton yarn factories. Food processing includes the processing of local farm produce surplus. Recently modern industries such as high technology and the tertiary have developed along with tourism, trading, and related services.
Guilin High-tech Industrial Development Zone (state-level) targets
new industries such as Information technology, mechanical and electronic integration, new materials, bio-pharmaceutical, environmental protection, and similar other sectors.
Dominant investors: BASF, Geely Group, Nokia, NEC, Guilin Sanjin Pharmaceutical, and Guilin Stars Electric Power Electronic Technique Development

Indian Restaurants in Guilin

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