Hohhot (means the “Blue City” in the Mongolian language) is the capital city of Inner Mongolia, an Autonomous Region. It is the center of Mongolian culture. During the late Ming period i.e., late 16th Century and Qing Period, it turned into a military and religious center. It is the political, cultural, and industrial center of Inner Mongolia. This city is located in the center of Inner Mongolia and south of Daqingshan River. It is 410 km (254 miles) west of Beijing.

This city was founded in 1581 by the Mongol Prince Altan Khan. It became a center for the military during the rule of the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi after taking control of the Mongols. In 1952 it became the capital of Inner Mongolia.

The summer festival of Mongols called, “Naddam” is of significant attraction for the tourists, it is during mid of August. This festival features traditional Mongolian sports such as wrestling, horse racing, camel racing, and archery. Most of the events are nomadic military skills.


Hohhot is the “Dairy Capital of China”.

It has developed into an important industrial center. Milling of grains, tanning, oil extraction, sugar refining, and woolen textiles are the primary industries here. The medium-sized construction-related industries are developing. It has major tractor and diesel engine manufacturers of the country.

Main Industries

Wool and leather 

Building materials.

Iron and steel


Indian Restaurants in Hohhot

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