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Call for action is a platform, which contains rich information about cities in and around China. 是一个平台, 它包含了关于中国和周边城市的丰富信息。

The intention of this platform is to connect China through this platform to the world.


Business travelers to China can get all the required information for his pleasant business trip through this website.


They can also connect to the people living in China through the search function.


People registered on website can get new business friends, participate in activities such as auction, sell goods through reverse auction, display their art and so many other things.

在网站上注册的人可以得到新的商业朋友, 参与拍卖活动, 通过反向拍卖的商品, 展示他们的艺术和许多其他东西。

To show real China to the world, we are looking for original picture and videos of cities shot by the user themselves. We are also looking for articles based on experience of business in each city.

为了向世界展示真实的中国, 我们正在寻找由用户自己点击的城市的原始图片和视频。我们也在寻找文章的基础上, 在每个城市的业务经验。

We will pay for using the pictures, videos and articles that we get from the submissions.

我们将支付使用的图片, 视频和文章, 我们从提交。

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