chain of food stores

Chain of food stores is vital need of Expats in China. Currently food products are being smuggled and sold illegally, this makes selling very difficult and also cost of product is very high. This platform has decided to start importing Indian food legally and distribute the same through chain stores openly.


This will not only give easy accessibility to the users but also risk free business for the retailers. Retail stores will be started across China on Franchise model. Key highlights are as under :


  1. 100% legal and certified.
  2. Legal storage and distribution.
  3. Much cheaper than smuggled food.
  4. Fresh food
  5. Consistent Supply
  6. Sales through stores
  7. Much cheaper than smuggled food
  8. Sales only through stores
  9. Direct sales only in unrepresented areas
  10. Special discount for the registered members of the platform


This chain will start in the month of March after Chinese New Year. Import licenses are already in place. Certification and labelling of products is in process and expected to be complete before start of the new year.


Chain stores being on franchise model, we are looking for franchisees across China. Interested people can send their details here.


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