Stop using refined oil : Process involved to manufacture refined oils is very harmful to health in long run. Many times chemicals like hexane are used for so called purification process. It also goes through process of bleaching to neutralise the smell. Better to use extruded vegetable oil.


Stop using Table salt : Table salts or any refined salts contain high amount of sulphur which is harmful for health. Unrefined salts are always better than refined or table salts.


Stop using table sugar : Table sugar or white granulated sugar is the most commonly used sweetener in daily life. It’s appearance is better than other types of sugar but it is most harmful for the body. It has high in sulphur contents than the other types of sugar. Better to use brown sugar.


Use Coriander leaves : Boil water with coriander leaves. Drink that regularly every morning. This is best to detox your kidney.


Use Mint leaves : Boil water with mint leaves. Drink it regularly every morning. It helps in preventing stomach related issues, skin, hair and many other things.


Use Flax seeds : Roast flax seeds, add salt or lemon for taste purposes, you can also eat without adding anything. Flax seeds have innumerable benefits. It also reduces risks of heart related diseases, type 2 diabetes, cancer, etc. Try to eat as much flax seeds as possible.

食用亚麻籽:烤亚麻籽,可以加入盐或柠檬做调味剂用,也可以不加任何食物而吃。亚麻籽具有无数的优点, 它可以降低患心脏病、2型糖尿病、癌症等疾病的风险。因此请尽量多吃亚麻籽。


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