Chongqing is a major city in the southwest part of China. It is one of the country’s four municipalities (the other three are BeijingShanghai, and Tianjin). It is the only city in the country located far away from the coast. This city has a significant history and culture. It serves as the economic center of the Yangtze basin. It is a major manufacturing center and transportation hub in China. A report in July 2012 named it as one of China’s “30 emerging megacities”.

This city is the national center for higher education. It has more than 30 universities and colleges.

The economy of the city

Chongqing has spinning and weaving mills, silk-reeling mills, and glassmaking, and cigarette plants. It is a crucial coal-mining base. The rich deposits of bauxite make it a significant manufacturer of aluminum products in the country. This municipality has a rich reserve of natural gas.

A large number of consumer goods from across the river or abroad were imported. The rapid industrialization brought self-sufficiency in the consumer goods in the region. It is now the major commodity-distribution center for the southwestern part of the country.

The leading computer and related products manufacturers have set up plants in the city. It is one of the oldest industrial cities in the country. The heavy industries have a significant contribution to the manufacturing sector. The primary production here is:



Iron & steel


It is also a major producer of strontium carbonate, which is widely used in the production of color television tubes and optical glass.

The main exports are to the United States, Germany, Soth Korea, and Hong Kong. The principal imports are from South Korea, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

There are some famous tourist spots. The Great Hall of the People, with its large, traditionally styled dome, is a popular attraction.

Major Industries in Chongqing

Communication equipment.

Electronic equipment.



Transport equipment

Electrical machinery

Raw chemicals

Processed chemicals

Processed food

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