Shanghai is one of the most important economic, financial, trade, and shipping location of China. It is the result of the rapid development of the country over the past 30 years. This city is the manufacturing hub of communication equipment, automobiles, electronics, steel products, petrochemicals, and biomedicine. The nearby cities like Ningbo and Hangzhou connect to this city. Hangzhou bay bridge and high-speed rail play an important role in the high volume of transportation of the consumer and commercial goods.

Shanghai is a leading center for higher education in the country.

It maintains balance in the economy and environment.

It is a major tourist destination and an ex-pat friendly city.


It is not only the leading container port in the country but also the busiest container port in the world.  It plays a crucial role in the heavy industries of the country. This city is a leading producer of ethylene, plastics, microcomputers, ICs, and mobile phones. It is the financial center of the country.

The major countries for exports are the US, Japan, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, and Singapore.

The principal imports are from Japan, the US, Germany, and Korea. It is a major import port of the country. The value of imports is more than exports. Industrial products are exported from here to all parts of the country.

Shanghai is a significant destination for foreign direct investment.

Hong Kong is the largest source of overseas investment of the city.

It is the largest consumer market in the country. This city has a highly educated and skilled labor force. It makes it attractive to overseas investors.

Shanghai is the headquarters for many local and foreign banks in the country. It makes it a financial center of the country.

Main Industries in Shanghai

 Iron and steel

 Electronics and IT


 Petrochemical and fine chemical 



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Major cities and towns