Fengxian (means respecting a person of virtue named, “Yanyan”) is a suburban district of Shanghai. It is located in the south of Shanghai, 42 kilometers away from downtown. This place is popular for its relative rusticity, beaches, and ocean resorts. Nanqiao is a significant town in the district. It has grown more than double in size because of recent infrastructure development. When compared with Shanghai’s standards, it is almost rural. It has a population of over a million and is well developed. 

“Oriental Beauty Valley” is one more name of this city.

13.7 kilometers of the river shoreline and 31.6 kilometers of the coastal area adds to the beauty of the town.  The water and land transportation is the most convenient means of transport here. It is commonplace for people from Shanghai to spend their weekends.


It is a  home for global cosmetic manufacturers. It is known as the capital of the cosmetic industry of the country. The District plays a vital role in the economic development of the city. It is the country’s new hub of small- and medium-sized enterprises. It is a cradle of the economy of the city.

“Silicon Valley of Asia” for the cosmetic industry is one more name for this city. There are high standards to follow to start a new business in the industry. The government has laid down policies and incentives to attract and support small and mid-sized enterprises.


Main Industries in Fengxian 







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