Tianjin is a metropolis in the northern coastal part of Mainland China. It is the largest coastal city in the north of China and one of the five national central cities of the country. This city is also the world’s 6th-most populous city. It is dual-core in its layout, with its main urban area (which includes the old part of the town) laid along the Hai River and Binhai. The core New Urban Area is located east of the ancient city on the coast of the Bohai Sea. It is the business hub of 285 of the 500 “Fortune 500” companies, advanced industries, and financial activities.


Tianjin is the largest port in north China and ranks among the ten largest ports in the world. Tourism is one of its many other industries. It is rich in resources of oil and natural gas. 153 km length of the coastal line gives it an abundance of sea salt. There are ten different metal and mineral resources that add to the value of this city. It is rich in geothermal resource.

It is the cradle of the modern mechanic and textile industry of the country. Many products got invented in this city.

Main Industries in Tianjin


Information technology




Biotechnology & modern medicine

New energy & environmental protection

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