Jinjiang - Fujian


Jinjiang is a county-level industrial city just across the river of Quanzhou in the province of Fujian. It is a long and narrow city spread along the river valley. This town is appropriate for those who love to ride and drive.

There are a lot of new roads and shopping areas with parking. It is famous for a large number of factories that manufacture clothing and footwear for reputed brands.

This town is the only one to have an extinct Manichean temple in China.

It is a famous native place of Chinese staying overseas and people of Taiwan.


The city ranked as No.1 county with the highest GDP in the province for many years. It ranks among the top ten wealthiest counties of the country. It is headquarters for more than 45 public listed companies in the country. 

Jinjiang is the leading distribution center for the textiles and garment industries in the country.

It has a significant role in the development of the textiles and garments industries of the whole country.

The overseas Chinese are the prime source of investments from foreign countries.

Main Industries in Jinjiang

There are more than 3000 textile and clothing factories in this county. It is the largest manufacturer of sports shoes in the world. It is a significant market for raw and processed materials for sports shoes. This county turned into a city is also known as the “Shoe Capital of China.” There are more than 5000 shoe manufacturers in the town.

Garment and footwear industries


Building materials

Plastic toys

Food and drinks,




Auto parts



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