Xiamen -Fujian



Xiamen is a sub-provincial city in the southeastern part of Fujian and besides the Taiwan Strait. The city is known for its mild climate and colonial architecture.

The pollution level is low in the city. It ranks as 2nd-“most suitable city to live in the country.” This city is also known as the “most romantic and leisure city.” of China.

Xiamen Island is the fourth largest island in Fujian province. It is an excellent natural port protected from storms.

It is one of the four original special economic zones opened for foreign investments by the Government.

The city is a railway hub of the southeast coast of the country and has two stations. The city has the first road bridge of the country that crossed the straits. It also has the first submarine tunnel of the country.


It is a significant center of the tea trade, and exports were to Europe and the US.   It has a highly developed banking system.

There are many representative offices of foreign banks in the city.

The port of the city is ranks 7th in China and 14th in the world in terms of container transit.

The focus of this city is on the developments of the following industries:



Tourism and culture


Financial services.

Main Industries in Xiamen

The city has the most extensive R&D and production base of touch screens in the world. It is home to more than 250 integrated circuits (IC) enterprises. The city has the title of  “Characteristic City in Software.” It is the Top Tourist City in the country.

It has seen rapid growth in creative designs. The film industry and the high-end artworks in recent years are on the growth path.

Electronic & IT





Electric gadgets 


Advanced Chemicals


Environmental Protection


Indian Restaurants