Guangzhou- Guangdong


Guangzhou is China’s third-largest city and the capital of Guangdong Province. It is located on the Pearl River and has proximity to Hong Kong. It is a strategic port for centuries. The ancient temples and massive steel towers here are architectural marvels. Visit any one of the four Chimelong theme parks proves to be moments of a lifetime.

Once called Canton, it is the home of traditional (Cantonese) food. In modern times, this city is famous for the Canton Fair, the oldest and the biggest trade fair in China. It is an Alpha global city.

Due to the large population of immigrants, it is also known as the “Capital of the third world countries.”

The rivers and streams add to the beauty and help to maintain the ecological balance of the city.

The economy of the city.

It is the oldest foreign trading port in the country and the only one that was never closed. This is the most popular city for investment in the country. There are more than 45,000 foreign-owned enterprises in this city. The service sector is the main contributor to the GDP of this city.

It is amongst the most pro-growth and investment-friendly cities in the country. It is famous as the national commercial distribution hub of the country.

Main Industries in Guangzhou

This city is the third-largest in the number of high-tech enterprises in the country. 297 out of the 500 Fortune Global 500 companies have set up 921 projects in this region. More than 120 Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters in this city.

There are 47 different types of minerals and 820 ore fields in the area. This city also has a free trade zone. It is close to the international airport of the city.

Following are the main industries in Guangzhou:


Heavy machinery

Digital machines

Building material 

Power transmission

Packing machines


Auto Parts






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