Nanhai Guangdong


Nanhai is in the district of Foshan, Guangdong. The central government had chosen this city for the pilot project for e-governance and information in 2001.

The economy of the city.

This city is the base of the development of the cultural industry in the province. This town has more than 4000 institutions for cultural activities, and employ 1,00,000 people. Agriculture contributes the highest to the GDP of this part. Fishing and cultivation are the main traditional businesses.

It is the host to one of the busiest ports in the province. This place has a ferry port. It has growing service sector.

Main Industries in Nanhai

Many factories related to the automobile industry have been set up here in recent times. Many of the world level automobile brands have set up their facilities in this place. New electronic setups are in large volume in this place.

Nanhai has been a critical place for the furniture industry in the province. Aluminum products are manufactured here on a large scale. Products from this place play a vital role for other industries. The heat sink is manufactured on large scale and supplied across the world.

Industries based on other metals like copper and brass are also present in this area.  This place is the hub for processing of the non-ferrous metals in the province.

Following are the main industries:

Auto parts



Sound system

Electronics & IT



Building materials



Indian Restaurant