Shenzhen - Guangdong


Shenzhen is a major financial center in the south part of China. It is a major city in Guangdong Province of China. It is one of the four largest and wealthiest cities in the country.

This place is part of the Pearl River Delta megalopolis. The city is located to the north of Hong Kong(Special Administrative Region) and has sub-provincial administrative status. It has powers slightly less than a province.

It enjoys a new industrial infrastructure which is based on the high-tech industry.  The advanced manufacturing methods and modern service industries are backbones of the place. 

It is a world-class city famous for innovations. More than 160 rivers or channels flow through this place. It is surrounded by many Islands.

The economy of the city.

Shenzhen is known as the “Silicon Valley of China.” It is the first special economic zone of the country. It ranks 3rd in GDP among all the cities of the country.

It is home to many technology firms.  The financial sector accounts for more than 15% of the share in the GDP of the city.

The cultural and creative industry accounts for more than 10% of the GDP of the city. Shenzhen is a window for the country and a new city for migrants.

The modern infrastructure and marvels of this place are the major attraction for the tourists.

Main Industries in Shenzhen

Innovation is in the blood of the city. It is a national center for high-tech research.


Software & IT



Audio-visual products





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