Yunfu, formerly known as Wanfow is a prefecture-level city in west part of the Guangdong province. It borders Zhaoqing to the north, Foshan to the east, Jiangmen to the southwest, Yangjiang to the south, Maoming to the southwest and the autonomous region of Guangxi to the west.

The economy of the city.

It is rich in mineral resources, including sulfur and sillimanite. This place ranks at the top in reserves in the Province.

The city is traditionally an agricultural-based economy. In 2015, agriculture accounted for 21% of its GDP. Major products are grains and fruits.

52minerals are present in this place and mining is done for 23 of them. There are more than 400 mines in the city. It connects well to the national highway and railway network of the country. It is on the bank of the river which enables direct cargo to Hong Kong.

Main Industries in Yunfu

It is one of the major stone bases of the country. This place is one of the major centers for the supply of metals within the country. The exports of stones from the city are across the world.






Stainless steel



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