Guzhen- Zhongshan




Guzhen is the lighting capital of the world. It’s a Small town in the city of ZhongshanGuangdong ProvinceRecently the town has grown into a place with thousands of small and big factories related to the lighting in one way or the other. Many international lighting companies have factories and showrooms here. It is the lighting capital of the world.

Since China’s reform and opening-up, it has successfully won honors such as:

“China Lighting Capital”

“National Clean Town”

“National Civilized Town”

“Best Education Towns in Guangdong”

“Provincial Demonstration Area for Agricultural Modernization”

“Guangdong Demonstration Area for the Upgrade of Industry Clustering.”

The economy of the town.

The lighting industry accounts for 90% of the GDP of this place. It is among the richest town of the province.

Main Industries in Guzhen

It is the largest production center in the world for lighting products. Lighting is in the blood of Guzhen. It has a history of 50 years in the manufacturing of the lights. It is the hub of the non-branded lighting products. This place has also become OEM for lighting products.





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