Guizhou is in the southwest part of China. This province adjoins Sichuan and Chongqing to the north, Yunnan to the west, Guangxi to the south, and Hunan to the east. This place is picturesque with abundant natural and cultural scenic spots. Many Chinese ethnic minorities like the Miao and Dong are living here for centuries. They have shaped the rich and distinctive folk customs and cultures that still exist here.

It is a mountainous province. This area has the highest fertility rate in the country.

The economy of the province.

This province is rich in natural resources. Timber and mining have an essential role to play in the economy. This province is underdeveloped and poor. It has the third-lowest GDP in the country. This place is also the fastest growing in terms of the economy.

The tourism industry is growing at fast speed in the province. The government here has plans to develop industries related to data and electronics. The modern industry is on the growth path in this province.

Main Industries in Guizhou

It is the third-largest producer of tobacco in the country. The electricity generated here is in surplus and also gets supplied to the neighboring provinces.