Tangshan - Hebei


Tangshan is a large, industrial prefecture-level, a heavy industrial city in the northeast part of Hebei province. This city is known to the world primarily for the 1976 earthquake. Located in the central part of the Bohai Economic Rim, facing the Bohai Sea to the south and is on the North China Plain. This city is adjacent to the Yan Mountains to the north. It borders the Luan River and Qinhuangdao to the east. To the west, it adjoins with Beijing and Tianjin. The city is a strategic area and a corridor that links the north and the northeast regions of the country.

The economy of the city:

It is among the 10 largest ports in the country. This is the largest steel producing area in the country. It is known as the “Porcelain Capital” of the north part of the country. This place has the highest GDP in the province. The first steam locomotive of the country is from this city. This place has played a very important role in the industrial development of the country.

Main Industries in Tangshan

It has got the largest Cement plant in the country. This city also has the first fire-resistant material production factory in the country.






Petroleum products



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