Xiantao - China


Xiantao is a sub-prefecture level city in the middle east part of Hubei province. It is close to the city of  Wuhan. This city is currently developing into a green zone by balancing economic development and ecological protection. ZIt is among the first hundred counties of the country.

It has made great efforts to promote health and low-carbon emission style of living. Recently it has built Eco Sports City. One hundred twenty new energy-saving buses operate in this city, and it has an efficient public bicycle system.

There are several gymnastic world champions from this part of the country.

The economy of the city.

It is a vital textile cluster in the country. It is a significant place for cloud computing. This place is very rich in natural resources. Non-metallic ores are in plenty in this region. Cotton, oilseeds, vegetables, and melons are the main crops here.

The rivers and lakes add to the beauty of this place and make it an attractive tourist destination. Irrigation plays a major role in the GDP of this place.

Main Industries in Xiantao

This place has rock salt in abundance.


Iron and Steel









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