Changshu - Jiangsu


Changshu is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Suzhou in the province of Jiangsu.  It has nine towns, two sub-districts, two provincial economies, and technology development districts. This is a historical and cultural city with scenic beauty. 

The economy of the city.

It has been a market for agriculture products such as rice, corn, wheat, tea, cotton, and mulberry leaves. This city is the base of the province for foreign trade. There is a harbor on the Yangtze River for connecting the towns of Suzhou and Wuxi. 

More than two thousand five hundred foreign enterprises have invested in this place. The major investment in this place is from Taiwan. There are more than five hundred enterprises from Taiwan.

This city has more than four thousand five hundred textile and apparel factories. It is a major cotton-producing district since the 13th century. The major economic boost to this district has been due to spinning and weaving mills. There are several textile mills that are not the key for exports but also for the employment at a large scale.

The presence of the historical site is the major tourist attraction here.

The main Industries in Changshu



Fine chemicals




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