Jintan - Jiangsu


Jintan is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Changzhou in the South Jiangsu Plain. The City, dubbed as “Golden Jug” in Chinese since 688 A.D., has a long history of human civilization, tracking back to the Western Zhou Dynasty. The City has been honored as a provincial garden city since 2006. Paper engraving is a very popular form of art in this town. It is known as, “Hometown of Chinese Folk Art Carving Paper”.

This town is the birthplace of many famous scholars of the country.

It connects well to the rest of the country through highways, railway, and waterway.

This city is rich in natural resources.

The economy of Jintan

The base of the economy of the city primarily is agriculture, fishery, and mining. Rock salt mines from this area are very famous. The top ten agricultural brands of the country are from this town. Sticky rice with fragrance is a popular crop in this area. Wine made from rice and sealed in a pot with natural golden color is very popular from this town.

The economy of this town is still based on traditional methods of commerce.

Main Industries


Brown vinegar





Rock salt


Indian Restaurant