Kunshan Jiangsu


Kunshan is a city in the Suzhou region. Administratively, it is a county in the city of Suzhou. It is in the southeast part of the Jiangsu province, and adjacent to the Shanghai Municipality. There are ten towns, one national economy and a technology zone under the administration of the city government. The local Government concentrates on developing the economy of the city. It has also taken efforts to develop the tourism sector. There is an increase in the number of visitors every year.

23% of the area is covered by water. Water resources are in abundance here.

The economy of Kunshan

The GDP of this county is the highest in the country. The conventional source of income in this region was agriculture, that has been replaced by industries. The contribution of agricultural income in the GDP is not even 1% now. This town has the highest number of tourists in the region.

There are many people from Taiwan who have settled in this city. Many foreign enterprises have their presence here. The rate of growth of the GDP is among the highest in the country. The major income of the city is from the exports of goods to various countries.

Main Industries




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