Wujiang - Jiangsu


Wujiang is economically one of the most successful cities in China. This district(previously City) is one of five urban districts in Suzhou city of Jiangsu province. It is a county-level city called the ‘Venice of the East’ because of the rivers, canals, and lakes. It is known as the southern gate of Jiangsu Province.

This area has one of the highest density of highway in the country.

Water covers one-third part of the area of this city. There are hundreds of lakes in this area with each lake having its own unique characteristics. This city is famous for its simple folk songs. There are many schools for folk dance, opera, and craft. It is a hub of cultural activities in the country.

The economy of Wujiang

More than 1500 foreign enterprises operate from this city. Once an agricultural town, now it is an industrial city with a booming economy. This city is among the top 10 cities in the country in terms of GDP. It has many historical buildings which attract tourists to the city. 

It is famous as the “Home of Fish and Rice” and “The Silk House”.

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