Yixing - Jiangsu


Yixing is a county-level city under the administration of the city of Wuxi in the southern part of Jiangsu province. It is famous for its traditional style of clayware. It is among the top 10 county-level cities of the country. The city is famous as the Pottery Capital of China. It is the most powerful county-level city in the country. It is the birthplace of many leaders of the country. This city has got a recorded civilization of more than 10000 years. The volcanic stones and lakes add to the beauty of landscapes in the city. It is a patriotic education base of the country. It hosts a garden on bridges and flowing water. This is a major attraction for tourists in the city.

The economy of Yixing

Clay is the base of the economy of the city. Products made from clay are the major source of earning in this region. The ancient style of teapots are very famous and in huge demand across the country are manufactured here.

The limestone caves in the city attract tourists to the city and add in the GDP. The vast area is covered by tea gardens.

Main Industries

Clay Pots





Fine chemicals


Automotive components

Indian Restaurants