changchun - Jilin


Changchun is in the northeast part of China. It is the capital and the largest city of the Jilin Province. This city is administered as a sub-provincial city and is called the “City of Automobiles” of the country. It is an important industrial base for the automotive sector. This city is also one of four “National Garden Cities”. It was awarded by the Ministry of Construction of the country in 2001 due to its high rate of urban greenery.

This is a compact city, planned in the Japanese style of modern architecture.

The economy of Changchun

The automobile industry is the main source of employment in the city. It is the highest manufacturer of the automobile in the country. 50% of the passenger trains in the country are from this city. 10% of the total production of tractors in the country are from this city. The first bullet train with sleeping birth of the world is from this place. The train with a nickname of “Panda,” which is capable of running at a low temperature of -40 degrees is the product of Changchun. CRCC manufactures most of its bullet train coaches at this place.

Main Industry


Food processing



Construction materials




Metro coach

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