Medical students

Several students from China, Ukraine, and other countries are unable to appear for practical exams and complete their courses. The period of travel restrictions is uncertain and beyond the control of Universities and Students. This is not only frustrating for students but affects their career and future.

A significant period has passed, and each passing day adds to the tragedy of the students.

The ideal solution is to conduct practical exams in India. Universities in China can take initiative and collaborate with reputed medical institutes in India to conduct practical exams. This can save the careers of students and the trauma that students and their families have been facing.

Students will save their time, traveling expenses, and other sundry expenses involved in appearing for exams in their universities. Part of the saved expenses can be shared as an exam fee with the institute conducting exams.

This issue is not only an issue related to the students but also a social issue. Medical practice is a noble profession and much-needed service for society. Gaps caused by such issues will affect in long term and can give rise to bigger problems.

This situation seeks immediate attention and a solution. Better late than never.