Warehousing in ChinaWarehousing facility on temporary basis is needed by many importers dealing with China and Hong Kong.

ChineseNRI.com(CNRI) intends to share warehousing network across China and Hong Kong for and by users of this platform. Basic intention of this feature is to :

a) To utilize idle space of warehouse owners.

b) To accommodate needs of temporary storage for the people in need.

There is some idle Space available in most of the warehouses.  At the same time not everyone can possess storage space in every city of operation. This platform intends to fill the gap of demand and supply of storage space. Charges for storage space is fixed by CNRI and is uniform all over China with a small difference for Hong Kong.

Storage space of only verified users is leased to the parties in need. Procedure of acceptance and dispatch of gods through warehouses is uniform and strictly as per the Law of the land. Charges are on the basis of number of days and area of space used.

Currently we have warehouses at these locations.

印度的流行病——我们的责任 Pandemic in India – Our share of the blame

Pandemic is at it is worst in India. At the time of writing this article, India is the second biggest suffering country. 大流行在印度最严重。在撰写本文时,印度是第二大受害国。 This agony started in December 2019 when infection in Wuhan started taking lives. Since then, we have been requesting everyone to support each other and not succumb to their greediness during this situation. […]

What China imports from India? 中国从印度进口什么?

​Two prominent and ancient civilizations of the world, India and China the two neighbors have many cultural similarities. Apart from sharing borders, the two countries share each other’s resources for mutual benefits. 世界两大文明古国,印度和中国这两个邻国在文化上有许多相似之处。除了共享边界,两国还共享资源,互利互惠。 India is the 7th largest importer of Chinese products and shares its natural resources, agricultural produce, and manufacturing capacity with China. 印度是中国产品的第七大进口国,与中国分享其自然资源、农产品和生产能力。 […]

People who have been vaccinated from other countries can also enter China?

BBC correspondent: You mentioned the ” vaccine nationalism “, the party requires the entry of Chinese personnel vaccination Chinese vaccine, but maybe some countries to China is difficult to inoculate vaccine, some people say this is the ” vaccine nationalism “. What’s China’s response to this? Hua Chunying: Vaccines are a weapon against the virus […]

Transcript of PM Modi’s first speech at the United Nations General Assembly 莫迪总理在联合国大会上的首次演讲

Mr.President and distinguished delegates, Let me first congratulate you on your election as the President of the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly. It is truly a great honor to address you for the first time as India’s prime minister. I stand here, conscious of the hopes and expectations of the people of […]

China lifts entry ban for resident permit holders

As per noticefrom People’s Republic of China Ministry of Foreign Affairs National Immigration Administration According to the current situation of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the needs of prevention and control, some measures of the “Announcement on Temporary Suspension ofEntry by Foreigners Holding Valid Chinese Visas and Residence Permits”jointly issued by the Ministry of […]

Quarantine and medication in China during COVID

This article is anonymously shared by an Indian traveler and his family whose test was uncertain upon arrival. Method of quarantine and medication that he and his family is going through. One can be an inactive carrier (asymptomatic) of a virus that cannot be tested through-PCR/swab tests. Only passengers with negative for RT-PCR tests/Nucleic tests can […]