We often come across various cheap offers on wechat. Are they really cheap? We tried to analyse this and let’s see what we found out.


Often the sellers who offer cheap prices are not related to the industry or we can say they do not have enough technical knowledge to deal in those goods. Ultimately buyers lands up in a situation where he has already paid money but is not getting value for goods that he desired.

价格低廉的卖家往往不分行业,或者我们可以说他们没有足够的技术知识来处理这些商品。 最终买家却会遇到他已经付了钱但未能获得他想要的物品价值的尴尬。

Not all the times these incident happen unknowingly from seller’s side. Sometimes it is done intentionally. We came across an incident whereby cheap shoes were being sold. Goods were getting delivered but most of the time, size of shoes was less than the needed size. Stickers were put for the same size what buyer was looking for, after removing the sticker, embossing for size was different. There were all types of arguments and ultimately buyer ended up losing his money and trying to find a friend or relative who can use those shoes.


Major problems is with electronic goods. For example Laptops, these cheap laptops are so called refurbished laptops or you can say used laptops. There are various percentages mentioned, such as 90% new or 80% new or 99% new. We were unable to understand how they decide about the percentage of use. They were unable to give clear picture on that.


We found out, people selling these goods lack sufficient knowledge to handle issues. We found out at times they even lacked knowledge about the configuration and they were dependent upon their sellers to check the same.


Should we stop buying these products? Not at all. Not all the sellers are incompetent or cheaters. Best way to buy is to check certain points such as background of the seller, his/her knowledge about the product, his/her technical skills. Everyone has got rights to earn money or save money. Important question is how that money is earned or saved?


You cannot expect a cook to give you good laptops and vice-a-versa.



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